Why MILLIONS want the 9/11 attacks re-investigated

Major online polls suggest that around 80% of Americans believe the government is hiding the truth about the events of 11th September 2001.

A current poll has more than 112,000 votes for the Occupy Wall Street movement to include re-investigating the attacks in their formal demands.

America’s Citizens 9/11 Commission Campaign believes that “as many as 100 million of us are still awaiting closure on this issue”.

More than a dozen expert professional organisations have been created to campaign for the truth.

9/11 conspiracy theory is not the domain of a handful of basement-dwelling nutcases in tinfoil hats, but of scientists, engineers, architects, pilots, fireman, intelligence agents, military officers, government officials, political experts, historians, lawyers, psychiatrists, scholars, academics, families of the victims – and in fact anyone who takes the time and trouble to look at the evidence for themselves. For more than ten years, western governments and their corporate media have continued to perpetuate the official account of the worst terrorist attack in history as if it is proven fact. It is not.

While many of us have unquestioningly swallowed the story we were told, any reasonable person looking objectively at what happened with their own eyes and their own minds will quickly see that we have believed a lie. This is not about speculation or imagination; it’s about evidence. So forget what you have been told and assess the evidence for yourself, and see why so many Americans and others worldwide believe we have been lied to about what happened on 9/11. And if you’re tempted to dismiss this out of hand, consider first what’s crazier; examining the evidence and coming to a surprising conclusion, or coming to a conclusion without examining the evidence at all.

This is a dog.


What follows is an index of the main points opposing the official account we have been told – please click on each point, and the links within, to read more and see the evidence. Some of the points are pretty conclusive, others simply present holes in the story or suspicious evidence that warrants further investigation, and others reveal some of the precedents and background information that should be considered by any investigator. You may feel some of the points contradict each other – this does not make the evidence meaningless but further highlights the need for a deeper investigation.

1) The collapses of the twin towers contradicted the whole history of engineering; the towers were specifically designed to withstand several plane impacts, and many skyscrapers, including the twin towers themselves, have survived far worse fires in the past without structural damage or collapse. (Click for more.)

2) The collapses of the twin towers defied the laws of physics; a falling mass cannot accelerate through great resistance – especially not while simultaneously crushing most of its matter to dust in mid-air. Resistance results in deceleration. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. These are non-negotiable principles of science. (Click for more.)

3) A third building, World Trade Center 7, collapsed on 9/11, with the surprising perfect symmetry and speed of a controlled demolition. The official explanation – ordinary office fires – simply cannot justify the event. (Click for more.)

4) The official report on the collapses of the WTC buildings is unscientific and fraudulent. It presupposed its conclusions, based its findings on a huge and ungrounded assumption, ignored key evidence and test results and failed to provide support for any of its claims. The report does not explain how the towers collapsed. (Click for more.)

5) Independent scientists have found explosives residues in dust from the World Trade Center, and other clear evidence of explosions has been consistently rejected, ignored and covered up. (Click for more.)

6) Authorities destroyed and hid the evidence from all three crime scenes, selling the WTC steel quickly abroad and failing to identify the aircraft allegedly involved. (Click for more.)

7) US foreknowledge of the attacks has been proven over and over again; the country’s intelligence and government had received over a hundred detailed warnings from its own agents and others all over the world. Some individuals were told to stay out of the sky or out of New York on or around that day. (Click for more.)

8) The FBI admit they have no hard evidence linking Osama bin Laden to the attacks. In fact, the evidence points to bin Laden having been dead since December 2001, and every communication from him since as fraudulent. (Click for more.)

9) Al Qaeda was created by the CIA and used by the US for foreign operations. Bin Laden was a US intelligence asset who had attended meetings with the CIA, the FBI and the Department of Defense. (Click for more.)

10) Conspiracy is a fact of politics. The US and other governments have used false-flag attacks (attacks under the guise of another party) many, many times before. (Click for more.)

11) Operation Northwoods, a false-flag plot proposed in the sixties but not carried out, reveals the mindset of US military leaders and some of the strategies up their sleeves, including switching passenger planes for unmanned drones and destroying them, faking evidence, faking victims with carefully-prepared aliases, and killing on American streets. (Click for more.)

12) The 9/11 commissioners, charged by the White House to provide a full public record of the events, themselves accuse the White House of conspiracy. The commission was prevented from carrying out a thorough investigation, censored and controlled by a White House insider, forbidden to interview key witnesses, and ultimately did not believe its own report. (Click for more.)

13) Clear signs of collusion between the 9/11 plotters and America’s allies have been ignored and censored. (Click for more.)

14) A mountain of evidence contradicts the claim that flight 77, a Boeing 757, hit the Pentagon. (Click for more.)

15) The official account that passengers forced flight 93 to crash into a field is in direct conflict with the evidence that it was shot down. A plane cannot simultaneously bury itself 25ft deep in soft earth and throw a half-ton engine and fragmented material from inside the fuselage over a mile upon impact. (Click for more.)

16) On 9/11, US air defences failed on every count, despite an excellent record in intercepting errant aircraft, regular drills including scenarios just like the attacks, and 67 successful interceptions already in 2001. Nevertheless, those who dropped the ball that day were not punished, but promoted. (Click for more.)

17) The total failure of US defences was an incredibly lucky break for the hijackers, who all took such bizarrely long routes to their targets that the whole plot should have been doomed to fail. (Click for more.)

18) The alleged hijackers were novice pilots, some of whom could barely control a small plane at low speed; those who trained or flew with them all agree. Yet they supposedly pulled off manouevres that wowed commercial and fighter pilots with thousands of hours experience. (Click for more.)

19) Confusion surrounds the identities of the hijackers; some of them appear to have had doubles, others were seen alive after the attacks, it appears they used government credit cards, and their behaviour in the run-up to the attacks was far from the behaviour of fundamentalist Muslims. (Click for more.)

20) Contradictions surround the planes and flights themselves; all of the planes exceeded operation limitations, the claim that four of the black boxes were not found is strongly disputed, and it has been conclusively shown that at least two of the planes were still airborne and far away minutes after their alleged crashes. (Click for more.)

21) Suspicious evidence surrounding even some of the 9/11 victims raises questions about their authenticity. (Click for more.)

22) Supposed Islamist motives are not consistent with the evidence – in fact it appears that the attackers deliberately minimised casualty numbers. Meanwhile, the US government had plenty of motive and continues to gain massive benefits from the attacks. (Click for more.)

23) Several whistleblowers have come forward with inside information about the attacks. The law and the media consistently ignore them. (Click for more.)

24) In this age of information and freedom of speech, the censorship applied to discussion of 9/11 in the west itself speaks of a cover-up. (Click for more.)


The facts show that to this day, over ten years since the attacks, there has been no true, thorough and impartial investigation into who planned the attacks or how they were carried out (points 4, 12, 13). The government and the FBI cannot prove that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the attacks (8), that the nineteen accused hijackers carried them out (19), that flights AA11, UA175, AA77 and UA93 crashed where we are told (20), or that fires brought the twin towers and building 7 down (1-6).

In short, the story promoted by the government is only a theory; an official, government-promoted conspiracy theory.

This official conspiracy theory is in direct conflict with the evidence, and their ceaseless and emphatic promotion of it, while rejecting conflicting evidence and refusing to investigate unexplained aspects of the attacks, conclusively reveals a cover-up.

While plenty of other theories abound, it is impossible to know what really happened on 9/11, but one thing is for sure.

The way our world is run today is based on a web of criminal lies and hoaxes, with little to no value for human life and global welfare, and even less for truth and transparency.


We must not look upon this as an isolated event; this insight into the way Western powers rule opens our eyes to a much bigger truth. Such deep and insidious conspiracy speaks of a large network with a world-changing agenda and a political system rotten to its very core, and a look at historic and current related events reveals a decades-old plan to systematically increase control and dominance across the globe by a small group of people – a plan which affects us all, worldwide.

In Afghanistan we invaded without evidence.

In Iraq, Bush faked the evidence.

In Libya, where NATO and particularly the US supported anti-Gaddafi protestors, it was the Al Qaeda flag that flew when they triumphed.

In Syria, Bashar Assad insists he is only protecting his country from terrorists (full transcript of ABC interview), and indeed, Al Qaeda operatives are among the opposition, along with covert US, Israeli and French agents. While the media presents him as an all-out evildoer, press and activists have been caught staging violence in the streets and exaggerating casualty numbers, and leaked Pentagon emails revealed a US plan to kill and terrorise in order to destabilise the country. Syrian civilians condemn the western media and declare their support for Assad (MUST WATCH!).

Iran has been tarred with the same ‘axis of evil’ brush as Iraq and Afghanistan, although it is a peaceful, stable, democratic and prosperous nation which assisted America in ousting the Taliban, has no history of aggression, and insists its nuclear progam is peaceful.

In the UK, the London 2005 bombings bear all the same hallmarks of a false-flag attack and cover-up (eyewitness reports, simultaneous drills, faulty investigation, lack of evidence, the mastermind was protected by MI6, and original news reports containing controversial elements have been stripped from the web), and we have seen over and over again the same restrictions in our privacy and freedom as in America.

And still the media bombards us with stories of bin Laden and 9/11, keeping it simmering in our consciousnesses – keeping us fearful.

America seeks global dominance – this is not an accusation but a fact and while world peace is a noble enough goal, there are few of us who would approve of its methods. In its efforts to achieve that dominance, along with its allies Israel, the United Kingdom and others:

What’s next? How far will they go? Where will it end?

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