2 – The collapses of the towers defied the laws of physics

A building collapse due to fire usually features slow onset of collapse, clear evidence of very hot and prolonged fires, and a collapse pattern following the path of least resistance (toppling, asymmetrical, partial). But the towers fell suddenly, symmetrically and completely, accelerating through the path of most resistance at close to freefall speed, thus displaying all the features of controlled demolition. No building collapse bearing all the features of controlled demolition has ever not been a controlled demolition before, yet we are asked to believe that three buildings did it on the same day on 9/11.

Consider this: when a moving object hits a still, solid object, there must be resistance, kinetic energy must be drained by the impact, and deceleration must occur. Yet somehow, when the top section of the towers hit the undamaged lower section, no kinetic energy was drained and there was no deceleration; the collapse accelerated all the way to the ground. In fact, none of these additional effects did anything to drain kinetic energy and slow the progress of the collapse either: inevitable flexing and shock-absorption by the strong steel columns, snapping of over 250 steel connections supporting each of 77 (south tower) and 92 (north tower) undamaged floors, total pulverisation of all the concrete, glass and plastic in the towers to dust well before it hit the ground, lateral ejection of multi-ton steel sections which travelled hundreds of feet and embedded themselves in other buildings, and enough heat-production to create a huge pyroclastic-like (heat-expanded) dust cloud many times the volume of the towers and burn cars in the area.

If the right-hand ball – or its neighbour – shatters to dust upon impact, how much force is passed on to the other balls?

Many people reported molten metal flowing like lava and fiery hotspots burning up to 2000˚F (1093˚C) under the three collapsed buildings. Despite constant application of water, the fires could not be put out for three months. This is an impossible result of ordinary office fires or ordinary building collapse, and did not occur under other buildings nearby which burned for far longer.

Another oddity is the way the top of WTC 2 toppled over dramatically as the tower began to fall; instead of continuing that rotating movement and falling as one, it crumbled mid-air – and if it fell sideways and not directly down on top of the rest of the tower below, what crushed the rest of the tower perfectly and symmetrically to the ground?

Thousands of architects, engineers and demolition experts agree.

“You don’t need to be an engineer or an architect to see what happened to those buildings. I’m asked all the time, ‘Why should we not believe the experts and what they’ve told us?’… We all have to be willing to look at the videos of the buildings coming down – you have to be willing to look for the obvious evidence. And you don’t have to be an architect or an engineer to see if it makes sense or not, to see how those buildings fall. It’s obvious because of the symmetry. The symmetry is the smoking gun.” — Kathy McGrade, metallurgical engineer for over 30 years.

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