4 – The NIST report explains nothing

The National Institute of Standards and Technology – NIST – produced the report cited as the authority on why and how the towers collapsed, but it is actually completely inconclusive, provides no evidence to support its findings, does not explain the complete collapses of the towers as we were led to believe it does, and it is wholly unscientific in virtually every way.

The 42-part, 10,000 page report (and that’s before covering WTC 7 in a separate report) covers the impacts of the planes and the progression of fire inside the towers, and makes claims about how steel beams softened to the point of structural failure, but it does not attempt to explain how structural failure at one point near the top of a tower could cause global collapse of the whole undamaged part of the tower – it just assumes this is inevitable, admitting “[the report] includes little analysis of the structural behavior of the tower after the conditions for collapse initiation were reached and collapse became inevitable“. The report claims that “The change in potential energy due to downward movement of building mass above the buckled columns exceeded the strain energy that could have been absorbed by the structure. Global collapse then ensued” but provides no calculations, models, evidence or analysis of the energies upon which its claim relies. Numerous failed controlled demolitions prove that once collapse is initiated, ‘global collapse’ is far from inevitable.

The report’s essential finding was that “The WTC towers likely would not have collapsed under the combined effects of aircraft impact damage and the extensive, multi-floor fires that were encountered on September11, 2001, if the thermal insulation had not been widely dislodged or had been only minimally dislodged by aircraft impact,” but it does not attempt to prove that the insulation was widely dislodged – it merely makes estimates.

Furthermore, NIST found no evidence that the steel temperatures it claimed were necessary for collapse had actually occurred, its physical tests exposing uninsulated steel to furnace temperatures for hours on end showed that “floors were capable of considerable sagging without collapse, its computer simulations were manipulated to give the results it wanted, and it completely ignored whole bodies of eyewitness and video evidence which disagreed with its conclusions, as well as an early finding by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) that an unexplained chemical reaction had drastically thinned inch-thick steel, made holes in it like swiss cheese, and sharpened its edges like razors.

While the NIST report is cited by government and media as the authority on how and why the buildings collapsed, in fact it shows us nothing but a concerted effort to explain away the inexplicable, rather than to get to the bottom of what happened.

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