5 – Explosive evidence

Independent scientists have found what they believe are explosive residues in the debris and dust from the World Trade Centre. NIST and other officials refuse to look at these findings or to conduct their own tests for residues, even though explosives testing is standard procedure under NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) guidelines for a fire where melted steel or pulverised concrete is found.

Tiny fragments of unreacted thermitic material from the WTC dust

Instead of running tests, NIST ruled out the possibility of a ‘blast event’ (specifically in the collapse of building 7) solely based on their own claim that no loud explosions were heard.

Hundreds of eyewitnesses heard explosions; this is simply undeniable. If you watched the events unfold on TV you probably remember hearing dozens and dozens of reports of explosions, or even hearing explosions yourself.

The NIST report and the 9/11 Commission both completely ignored hundreds of eyewitness accounts describing explosions in the lower parts and basements of the towers, explosions before the planes hit, smoke filling the subway station below the WTC complex, fireballs at ground level just before the towers collapsed, explosions which shook nearby buildings like earthquakes (listen 11:09-12:00) (although the towers were recorded by the NIST report to have moved less with the plane impacts than they did on windy days), strange noises in closed-off parts of the towers, explosions inside WTC 6, the US Customs House, a massive explosion that ripped apart floors 22-25 of the north tower, seventy storeys below the plane impact (pdf, page 44), and explosions in WTC7 before any falling debris from the towers could have hit it. The official explanation for all explosions at ground level and on other floors of the towers is that the jet fuel fireball travelled down the lift shafts. However, this does not explain explosions of the magnitude described (especially considering how far they had to travel from the 93rd floor), nor the great number, nor the many different locations, nor explosions before the plane hit, nor explosions several minutes after the fireball, nor explosions just before the towers collapsed, and certainly not explosions that rocked the subway or other buildings.

To further deepen this deception, many of the evidence videos released by NIST after a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit had soundtracks and the onsets of the collapses of the buildings mysteriously edited out (see videos below).

Many people reported molten metal flowing like lava under the three collapsed towers and incredible hotspots in the rubble which lasted for weeks. Despite constant application of water, the fires could not be put out for three months. These are impossible consequences of office or jet-fuel fires, and no such thing was found under WTC buildings 5 and 6, which blazed for far longer than the towers had but did not collapse.

Further evidence of the use of explosives or similar is the incredible lack of human remains found. While ‘pancaking’ floors would be expected to crush and trap bodies, instead they are fragmented and spread over an enormous area. Hundreds of tiny bone fragments were found on the rooftops of 40+ storey buildings, and analysis of the thick dust that pervaded Manhattan after the collapses shows that it was full of very fine particles of fingernails, hair, bones and tissue. Just 239 whole bodies were found out of 2749 we are told perished (8.6%), and no remains at all have been found for 41% of the victims.

Of course, the most popular objection to the suggestion that the towers might have been rigged with explosives is “How? When?”

Workers in the towers reported an unprecedented power-down in the top halves of both towers on the 8th and 9th September, right after a security alert had been lifted and bomb-sniffing dogs removed from the buildings, and CIA asset Susan Lindauer reported trucks coming and going from the towers in the middle of the night for around two weeks at the end of August and beginning of September.

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