6 – Criminal destruction of evidence

After the attacks, all evidence was cleaned up as quickly as humanly possible with almost no cataloguing or analysis. All steel from the World Trade Center was taken to secure scrap yards and sold immediately for smelting and recycling, mostly in Asia, and investigators were not allowed access to ground zero. This is not only against basic procedure for investigation of a fire under NFPA guidelines, but it constitutes illegal spoliation of the greatest crime scene of our time.

One might argue that the speedy clean-up (though not the selling-off of evidence) was necessary to search for survivors, but WTC7 was cleaned up fastest of all, and the story goes that no-one died there.

The empty space on the right is where WTC 7 once stood. Centre are WTCs 6 and 5, which were hit by thousands of tons of rubble and burned for much of the afternoon. On the left, remnants of the North tower still stand.

In similar fashion, the FBI never formally identified the remains of any of the aeroplanes involved in the 9/11 attacks, and nor did any other government or private agency. Careful positive identification and analysis of wreckage is standard procedure in any air disaster, let alone one of this magnitude. The FBI took charge of the whole crime scenes at the Pentagon and the field in Pennsylvania, preventing any kind of independent record or investigation, and have provided no evidence or proof for any aspect of the story presented to us by the media.


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