8 – The boogeyman

The FBI’s ‘most wanted’ poster for Osama bin Laden (and here) does not link him with the 9/11 attacks. When an independent journalist asked Rex Tomb, the FBI’s Chief of Investigative Publicity, about this in 2006, he was simply told “the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11“.

Warnings received before 9/11 (see 7- US foreknowledge) certainly suggest that bin Laden would have liked to carry out a huge terrorist attack and may have encouraged others to do so, but in April 2002, after raiding caves all over Afghanistan, FBI Director Robert Mueller stated; “In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single piece of paper – either here in the United States or in the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and elsewhere – that mentioned any aspect of the September 11 plot.”

This shouldn’t really come as a great surprise; unlike many terrorists who claim responsibility for their work, bin Laden denied involvement with the attacks again and again – on the 12th September, 16th September and 28th September. The Taliban also said he was not capable of it, and four more statements from bin Laden around that time applauded the attacks but admitted no involvement.

On mainstream news we were shown a so-called ‘confession video‘ in which Osama was supposedly seen talking about the attacks with others, but the tape was of such poor quality that it was impossible to be sure the man was bin Laden at all, his words only demonstrated foreknowledge rather than an instrumental role, and the US translation was widely disputed as manipulative.

By the end of 2001 and into 2002, his death had been widely reported (Al Wafd, Fox News, Telegraph, BBC, CNN, Times of India, New York Times) – and this should come as no great surprise either; his health was poor and he needed kidney dialysis, and he was even reported to have been in hospital at the time of the attacks. Government insider Steve Pieczenik also confirms that he was unwell and died in 2001.

Yet, starting in November 2002, new audio messages purportedly from bin Laden, set over old pictures and footage, were released via Qatari news station Al Jazeera on a fairly regular basis, and we even had a couple of video messages. At last, he confessed to the attacks in a video released just four days before the 2004 US presidential election – lucky for Bush, who took a six point lead over his opponent John Kerry right after the release of the tape. But was it really bin Laden? Again, the picture quality was poor, and analysts wondered why he wasn’t speaking in English, since he was addressing the American people directly (it is known that his English was very good). They also noted differences in the way he spoke:

  • October 2001: In a speech of only 725 words, bin Laden referred to God (Allah) 20 times and to the prophet Mohammed 3 times. He placed everything in the hands of God: “God Almighty hit the United States… He destroyed its greatest buildings”. Human agents were involved, to be sure, but they were successful only because “Almighty God… allowed them to destroy the United States”.
  • November 2001: In a speech of 2,333 words, he referred to God 35 times and to the prophet Mohammed 8 times. Again, it’s all about God; he says if people are helped or harmed, it is always by “something that God has already preordained for [them]”.
  • October 2004: In approx 2300 words, he referred to God just 12 times, and the only “Mohammed” mentioned was Mohamed Atta, leader of the hijackers. Far from suggesting that everything is finally in the hands of God, he told the American people: “Your security is in your own hands” – a statement that a devout Wahabi Muslim would surely have considered blasphemous. (from this article by David Ray Griffin)

It has also been noted that while bin Laden’s agenda used to be all about Muslim suffering and the Palestine/Israel conflict, he does not even mention these in most of his post-2001 communications, nor in the 2001 confession video (although the 2004 video is an exception).

The FBI were obviously not convinced by Osama’s confessions. Are you?

Osama 2001, and 2007

The US government’s claim that they killed bin Laden in a house in Pakistan in May 2011 is simply ludicrous. Ignoring the facts that they didn’t have any evidence or charge against him, let alone a lawful death sentence, and that they were only 50% sure the man they were watching was him, their complete failure to keep their story straight or to produce any kind of evidence should ring alarm bells in any rational brain. In 2003, the US willingly produced photos of Saddam Hussein’s dead sons and kept their bodies for photographing and dental record checks, but with bin Laden they insisted they had to throw his body into the sea within 24 hours ‘to comply with Muslim burial law’ – though many Muslim scholars say this does not follow law at all – and they have produced no evidence whatsoever. (Note, too, that just like bin Laden’s 2004 Bush-boosting video, this operation came at a time when Obama’s ratings were plummeting over the issue of his birthplace and gave him a much-needed boost, and on the anniversary of the event he also exploited it in his re-election campaign.) Locals in Abbottabad are adamant that the whole thing was a hoax, and Osama bin Laden was never living in their midst.

Amazingly, the Pentagon later admitted it has no photographic or DNA evidence of Osama bin Laden’s 2011 killing.

All statements in the 9/11 Commission report linking Osama bin Laden to the 9/11 attacks are based on third-hand information from interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed – another elusive figure who was once reported dead – and others, under torture (Ch. 5, notes 1, 10, 11, 16, 32, 40, and 41). Four of those interrogated said they gave information only to stop being tortured, and one was made to sign a confession he was not allowed to read. The tapes of the interrogations were destroyed.

Khalid is now being tried for the attacks, having confessed to being responsible for 9/11 ‘from A to Z’, along with a long list of other atrocities. He has been in Guantanamo Bay prison since 2006 and ‘waterboarded’ 183 times.

“I knew that he had to have two dialysis machines and he was dying. And you could see in those films, those made-up photos that they were sending us out of nowhere. I mean, suddenly, we would see a video of bin Laden today and then out of nowhere, they said oh it was sent to us anonymously, meaning that someone in the government, our government, was trying to keep up the morale on our side and say oh we still have to chase this guy when, in fact, he’s been dead for months…” “…not because special forces killed him, but because as a physician I had known that the CIA physicians had treated him and it was on the intelligence roster that he had marfan syndrome.” — Dr Steve Pieczenik, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Nixon, Ford and Carter, consultant for the Department of Defense, former US Navy Captain.

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