9 – America’s proxy terrorist army

Al Qaeda is a US creation, which began when the CIA funded, armed and trained Afghan freedom fighters during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the eighties.

FBI translator-turned-whistleblower Sibel Edmonds says that bin Laden worked for the US government until the day of the attacks, and that the US used Al Qaeda as “a proxy terrorist army” for operations across Central Asia.

British intelligence agencies have used them in the same way; in 1996 MI6 paid al Qaeda and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group £100,000 to fund an assassination plot to kill Gaddafi, which backfired and killed innocent civilians.

The CIA memo pictured below, which turned up on Wikileaks, indicates a meeting of Osama bin Laden under the codename ‘Tim Osman’ that also involved the FBI and the Department of Defence (DD).

A study of the al Qaeda historical timeline below reveals numerous occasions on which US intelligence and the UK tolerate and permit al Qaeda activities, and this article (MUST READ!) reveals several more major terrorist figures who have been used as patsies by, or colluded with, US and UK intelligence.

Turkish intelligence alleges that al Qaeda is, to this day, a secret service operation, much like Operation Gladio (see 10 – The precedent); a strategy of tension designed to manipulate and control public opinion.

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