14 – The Pentagon mystery

Although some pictures showing aircraft debris inside and outside the Pentagon are hard to argue with, there is a mountain of conflicting evidence for the claim that flight 77, a Boeing 757, hit the Pentagon.

BTS (Bureau of Transportation Statistics) records show that flight 77 did not take off on 9/11. (Search the database for yourself here.)

The black box data (Flight Data Recorder) allegedly from the plane indicates that the cockpit door was not opened during the flight, making a hijack impossible, and indicates G-forces far above what a pilot – or the plane – could handle. Pilots for 9/11 Truth believe the FDR data is not from a Boeing 757 at all.

The story is that one of these hit the building at ground- and first-floor level only, leaving this hole (a composite picture made from several photos stitched together):

In that case, the total lack of damage to the Pentagon lawn and foundation is extraordinary.

The plane was recorded to have accurately hit its target at 460 knots (530mph), a speed that would destroy a Boeing 757, which has a maximum stable operating speed of 350 knots (403mph) at low altitude. No other Boeing exceeding its maximum speed has not suffered crippling damage – and yet the plane still apparently hit its target with astounding precision.

The hijack pilot we are told accomplished all this ‘could not fly at all‘, and reportedly couldn’t control a single engine Cessna with a cruising speed of around 120 knots.

The fire allegedly produced by a fuel-laden plane at the Pentagon and the fires allegedly produced by fuel-laden planes at the twin towers were completely different. If the twin towers fires were enough to soften steel and bring the buildings down, how is it we can clearly see computer equipment, furniture and books unharmed inside the Pentagon after it burned for nearly as long?

The hijacker chose a flight leaving from right next to the Pentagon, waited 45 minutes until it had flown over 300 miles away, then commandeered it and flew it all the way back. We were told the attacks were highly organized and the perpetrators highly trained, but this clear lack of common sense – and of any fear of being stopped – is impossible to fathom.

Clear evidence of aircraft debris only appears in photos released by the Pentagon and FBI; news reports and amateur pictures show a distinct lack of debris and no recognisable parts. Many observers also noted this lack of wreckage at the time.

Many accounts from witnesses inside the Pentagon are not consistent with an aeroplane strike – these include a distinct lack of airplane debris, a silvery flash, and the smell of cordite/explosives.

Whatever hit the Pentagon left a surprising punch-out hole on the other side of the building. Since no large pieces of aeroplane are visible and the plane debris must have been dispersed widely by all the concrete pillars it hit inside the building, what could have caused this?

Although the FBI seized the videotapes from 85 surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the Pentagon, the only videos released, here and here (and here, where you can just about see smoke appearing top left from 13s), are far from conclusive, and they show signs of tampering, including having the wrong date and time and missing/inserted frames. The FBI refuses to release the rest of the tapes.

Eyewitnesses who saw the Boeing report a flight path which is completely irreconcilable with the observed damage to the Pentagon (1hr 21m documentary).

The story of taxi driver Lloyde England, whose cab was supposedly speared by one of the lightpoles knocked over by the 757, is physically implausible, and his taxi’s hood was miraculously undamaged by the impact. When questioned about his location at the time of the incident in light of eyewitness testimonies that disagreed, he vehemently denied that his location was as photographed, and said some other very strange things indeed.

Norman Mineta, Transportation Secretary, gave a damning testimony to the 9/11 Commission which shows that Vice President Dick Cheney, in the Presidential Emergency Operating Center beneath the White House, was absolutely aware that a known plane was travelling towards a known or assumed target just before the Pentagon was struck, and that he had given orders relating to it. Since flight 93 had only just been hijacked at this time and was nowhere near any target, the only possibilities are that either a fighter jet was approaching flight 77, or flight 77 was approaching Washington. The official story goes that fighters were only scrambled to Washington after the Pentagon was hit, so that rules that out. We can only speculate – as Mineta does – as to what the ‘order’ he mentions might have been, but what is certain is that, despite the information Cheney obviously had, he gave no evacuation order or warning to workers inside the Pentagon or the White House. And if Cheney was privy to precise information about the locations of aircrafts, why were the FAA and NEADS struggling so much to figure out what was going on? Mineta’s testimony was not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission’s report, which finally claimed that Cheney reached the underground control centre much later than both Mineta and Cheney said.

Three other planes and a helicopter were seen in the area at the time of the Pentagon strike. One was a military C130 which was sent to find and tail flight 77 despite a ground stop order. One was a military Boeing that was photographed over the White House nearby, but whose presence the Pentagon denies to this day. While these observations prove nothing, these planes should not have been in the sky at this time, and have been used to explain away plane sightings in the area immediately after the explosion which otherwise suggested that the Boeing actually flew over the Pentagon and away while everyone was looking at the fireball. Even more suspiciously, a third plane – a commercial American Airlines Boeing which should certainly have been grounded – was seen taking off from Reagan airport in the direction of the Pentagon, less than a mile south of it and less than a minute before the strike at 9:37am. The helicopter circling the Pentagon moments before it was hit is also shrouded in mystery, and again, officials deny all knowledge of it, but it was certainly there according to eyewitnesses. All this despite an order from the supervisor at Reagan to stop all new flights from 9:03am, an American Airlines order to ground all planes from 9:00am, and an FAA-ordered national ground stop from 9:26am.

Radiation expert Leuren Moret claims that high radiation levels at the Pentagon after the attack indicate use of a missile. While rescue and clean-up workers at ground zero in New York were told the air was safe to breathe, those at the Pentagon wore facemasks, gloves and protective suits, and were professionally decontaminated and their boots washed after leaving the building.

Whoops – a slip of the tongue!

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