15 – The Shanksville crash

The story that the fourth plane plunged directly into a field in Pennsylvania, 150 miles short of its target, when its heroic passengers tried to take over from the hijackers, cannot be the truth, based on the evidence.

Although the crash site we were shown shows no evidence of a plane crash and eyewitnesses described a small crater just ten to twenty feet across (the coroner at the scene said it was “like someone took a scrap truck, dug a 10-foot ditch and dumped all this trash into it“), plane debris was spread over an enormous radius, with one of the 1000lb engines found well over a mile away from the crash site and lighter debris up to eight miles away, where residents nearby said it rained from the sky like confetti. The official claim that much of the aircraft plowed straight down into the loose earth of the reclaimed strip mine (the black boxes were allegedly found 15ft and 25ft underground) is not consistent with an engine apparently bouncing a mile away, and it certainly did not travel on the wind. It is also not consistent with the fragmented bodies from inside the plane thrown all over and around the site, the scraps of clothing hanging in trees, nor the large amount of debris, including luggage and personal effects, found around Rev Larry Hoover’s house, 300 metres into the dense adjacent woods.

Surprisingly, the Environmental protection agency found no soil or groundwater contamination from jet fuel at the site.

The alleged flight 93 crash site. Notice top left: grass growing on the sides of the inclines in the foreground – it looks like flight 93 just happened to crash in a pre-existing hole. Bottom right: a lucky local snapped this picture seconds after the plane went down – does it look like any of the other plane crashes? Those first on the scene just a few minutes later describe nothing but a smoking crater, a burning tyre and some small brush fires.

Only 510lbs of human remains were found – 8% of the total body mass allegedly onboard – and yet, surprisingly, they managed to identify remains of every single passenger.

On flight 93, more passengers called loved ones than on any other flight, helping to establish the story of their attempt to overpower the hijackers. But one passenger called 911 and said there was an explosion on board and the plane was smoking and going down. The tape of this call was seized by the FBI and never released, and the dispatcher who took the call was ordered not to talk about it.

As with all the other attack sites, many eyewitness accounts dispute what happened. Susan McIlvaine saw a very small white plane flying low towards the crash site just before the explosion, and many others report seeing various other planes in the sky at the time where there should not have been.

Strangely, on 9/11 there were also reports of a plane identified as flight 93 crashing in the vicinity of Camp David. Of course, we were later told it was a simple mistake, but the FAA were very sure at the time of what had happened, and NEADS gave flight 93’s last location as “northeast of Camp David” (page 80). The Shanksville ‘crash site’ is nearly 90 miles west of Camp David. SPECULATION ALERT: Just a mistake, or was this an additional crash, hidden from us? Or was Camp David flight 93’s target, and were the media reading from a script?

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