17 – Doomed to fail

America’s freak failure to defend itself on 9/11 (see 16 – Artful incompetence) was unbelievably lucky for the attackers, who did not seem to be at all worried about being stopped. Instead of boarding planes close to their targets and hijacking them close to the targets, they took long detours and were in the air much longer than necessary.

Flight 11 flew for at least 26 minutes after the airline knew it was hijacked; Flight 175 for 21 minutes. Flight 77 flew for an incredible 43 minutes after the hijacking – and when it was nearly at its target, the Pentagon (from which it had started its journey just 47 miles away), instead of plunging straight in from above it performed a 330˚ turn, spending around four extra minutes in supposedly the most protected airspace in America, to hit the side of the building which had just been refurbished, reinforced and fitted with blast-proof windows. (This part of the Pentagon was the least populated, especially since the refurb wasn’t quite finished yet, and contained mainly financial records – most deaths here were civilian accountants and secretaries.) It is believed that Flight 93’s target was the White House, yet it flew from just south of New York all the way to Cleveland before it was hijacked. When it crashed, 35 minutes after the hijacking, it was still around 150 miles away.

What’s more, all the planes passed directly over and in very close proximity to several military bases.

We are told the attacks were expertly planned and coordinated by the world’s most dangerous criminal minds, but these long detours exposed the attacks to certain failure had US air defenses worked as they usually did.

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