21 – The victims

While there can be no doubt that some people died during the attacks on 9/11, many pieces of evidence relating to some of those victims appear to have been planted, faked, or prepared in advance. This is perhaps the most contentious area of conflicting evidence, but when people have died, they deserve the truth to be known about how and why it happened, and when people have not died we should not allow misdirected emotion to get in the way of discovering the truth.

Air Traffic Control records show that flight 11 departed from gate 32 at Logan Airport, but eyewitnesses and airport staff agree that the passengers boarded at gate 26. A gate is a physical place in an airport – it is impossible that the plane can have been in two places at once. So what plane did the passengers get on?

The victims are conspicuous by their absence in the Federal Death Master File, which shows roughly an average number of people dying on that day (6298, average 6200) where there should be a huge rise, and of 2,970 victims recorded, only 446 appear in the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) and of those only 249 have a death certificate on file.

Passports, driving licences and other forms of paper and plastic ID conveniently and miraculously survived as evidence despite having been at the epicentres of the fires and explosions, where planes, passengers, hijackers and even the black boxes, apparently, were otherwise reduced to unrecognisable smithereens.

In tributes to victims of the disaster, some photos have very clearly been altered, while others are barely recognisable – is this how you’d want your loved one remembered? In other cases, photos of the same person on different memorials are extraordinarily similar, as if taken from the same photograph but made to look a little different. These photographs tell us nothing, of course, but are very strange.

Various supposed victims (at least 14) have been proven hoaxes; attempts to get compensation from the Victims Compensation Fund. Yet Jaselliny McNish, in the article above, still appears on major online memorials. Other hoax names are unknown. In 2007 Tania Head, who claimed to be a survivor in one of the twin towers and to have lost her husband in the other, turned out to be a fraud, for reasons unexplained. Unexplained too is the story of Harry John Roland, a guy who patrols ground zero daily with an armful of pictures, talking to people about the cover-ups surrounding 9/11. He shows passersby a photo of his nephew, Tim Ward, a black man, who he says worked and died in one of the towers. Yet the only Tim Ward that appears on the official victims list is a white man, and an alleged passenger on flight 175.

Anomalies abound surrounding the phone calls supposedly made by the plane passengers; one whispers something strange at the end of the call which sounds remarkably like “It’s a frame”. Another starts a call with “Mom, this is Mark Bingham” and later pleads “You believe me, don’t you?” On flight 11 the phone call from Betty Ong spoke of hijackers with mace and knives (“…we can’t breathe in business class. Somebody’s got mace or something”), while the phone call from Amy (Madeline) Sweeney said the hijackers showed them bomb with red and yellow wires. On flight 175, Peter Hanson was allegedly on the phone to his dad in the plane’s final moments (and four seconds after the crash) but did not mention the plane’s dramatic final dive, which was so steep everyone should have been screaming and plastered to the back of the plane, nor Manhattan below him, and thought they were heading for Chicago – in the opposite direction – to crash into a building (nice of the hijackers to share that little tidbit).

In 2001, cell phone technology was not as good as it is now, and it was generally considered impossible for a cell phone call to connect from a plane at high altitudes and high speeds, yet many of the calls were reportedly made from cell phones.


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