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What did Islam get out of 9/11?

Just under three thousand dead innocents, plus inevitable retaliation from America which led to the deaths of millions in the Iraq and Afghan wars, and increased and long-standing tension with the US across the Middle East. (And Osama bin Laden’s desire was apparently to get America out of the Middle East.)

Does the evidence show that the attackers’ aim was to kill lots and lots of people?

The plane that allegedly hit the Pentagon made a time-consuming manoeuvre to hit a side of the building that was most reinforced, least populated, and least important in operational terms – Pentagon staff and officials noted that if the plane had hit any other part of the building, the loss of life and damage to operations would have been many times more severe.

The attacks began at 8:45am, when only around a third of WTC workers were at their desks and the public and tourist areas of the towers would not be open for another 45 minutes, at 9:30am. If the hijackers had waited just an hour longer, many, many more thousands of people would have been killed.

The WTC strikes occured at the 78th and 93rd floors of the towers. Considering how high the buildings towered above their surroundings, and the dive-bombing path of at least the alleged flight 175, the planes could easily have struck lower and killed hundreds, if not thousands, more.

John VanderHaagen, Wikimedia Commons

What did America get out of 9/11?

A year before the attacks, a document called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century”, outlining plans and policies for global dominance, was published by government think-tank PNAC (Project for a New American Century). It suggested that only “some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor” could foster public support for a war in the Middle East that would politically and culturally reshape the region. 9/11 was that event.

The US has used 9/11 to justify and achieve:

Most of these things were already planned before 9/11 but had little to no public or congressional support. That is, they were not direct responses to 9/11, but things which 9/11 helped the government to finally push through.

The attacks also conveniently-for-some destroyed two aging money pits – the twin towers – which were losing money on rent and could not be updated or renovated without first removing huge amounts of asbestos at great cost. (In fact, a written statement released by Thomas Scott Gordon, an architectural photographer who found himself accidentally privy to inside information at the World Trade Center, alleges that due to galvanic corrosion because of the use of aluminium bolts in steel beams, the towers were doomed from early on and the New York Port Authority had been told they must be decommissioned by 2007, at a projected cost of $20 billion. I could not find any corroborating evidence for Gordon’s claims, but he was sure enough of them to present an affidavit to this effect to the U.S. Senate Oversight Committee and others.)

Also destroyed that day were problematic records in the financial offices at the Pentagon, which had just admitted it had “lost” $2.3 trillion, and innumerable fraud and criminal cases under investigation in the IRS, SEC and Secret Service offices in WTC 7.

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